NUIA IDE Booster (Qt Edition)

Faster and more comfortable coding with eye tracking


The NUIA IDE Booster enables your Tobii EyeX or 4C Eye Tracker equipped computer to control the Qt Creator with your eyes. Create your projects in a more simply, efficient and comfortable way. With NUIA your eye tracking enhanced computer knows exactly where you are looking at (yellow dots in the video show gaze points just for visualization). With this new possibility we raise coding with the Qt Creator to a whole new level. 

The NUIA Qt Creator Extension features:

  • Fluid resizing: full focus on the content you work with. Enlarge the panel you look at with one key press. Perform a gaze click in the Application Output panel to maximize/minimize this panel
  • List selection: directly access even small list items. Small list below “Open Documents” can trigger helper menu for quick selection
  • Gaze buttons: trigger buttons without touching the mouse. Frequently used buttons can be configured for gaze clicking
  • Last gaze point: immediately find the spot where you stopped reading. Last gaze area before looking off screen. Marker is shown when gaze is back on screen. Immediately disappears when marker is found
  • Workflow automation: trigger custom workflows by gaze. Buttons in NUIA Menu can be configured by you
  • Directed search: directly search the content you work on. Crtl + f triggers the search in the panel you look at

Make your programmer's life easier with the NUIA IDE Booster.

What's new


In addition to the Qt Creator features, NUIA also gives you several features to work in a more comfortable and faster way:

Gaze Selectors

NUIA adds overlays for better interaction. Gaze Selector are used to trigger even really small buttons with your eyes. Just look at the enable button(s) and the NUIA Gaze Selectors will appear, each one connected to a button. Just look at any of these trigger buttons and the related button/command will be executed. E.g. when you look at the Run Project, Start Debugging or the Build Project button, an overlay displays over which you can trigger the commands just with your eyes - within a split second - or when you look at the minimize/maximize/close area of any window the NUIA Gaze Selectors for each button will be displayed. When you move the mouse cursor into the button area the Gaze Selectors immediately disappear, so you can access the respective area normally. You can also control any Windows dialogue via gaze. Just look at the button you want to trigger and a related NUIA Gaze Selector will be displayed.

Active Gaze Corners

NUIA also lets you define what happens when you are looking at a screen corner (Active Gaze Corners). Open the App switcher or the NUIA Menu or adjust the active corners in the settings as you want.

Gaze Click

Make your eyes to your mouse via the Gaze click: trigger any clickable area faster than ever before. A short key press sends a mouse click to the current gaze position. The NUIA trigger action can be a special key (right shift key or right control key, selectable in the settings) or a special mouse button (Middle/X1 mouse button, selectable in the settings). To visualize where your gaze click was executed, NUIA shows a short animation.

Last Gaze Point

When no gaze is detected for some seconds and you look back at the screen, a visual cue is displayed at the last gaze point to accelerate picking up the workflow.

Special Mouse Teleporter

“Teleport” your mouse cursor between special areas (ribbon bar, tool bar etc.) and the last mouse cursor position. For example if you work somewhere in an Excel worksheet, and you need to format the cell differently you just look at the ribbon bar and the mouse cursor will be teleported to this area in the ribbon bar. Now you can normally move and click with your mouse cursor. But when you look back in the area you worked before (around the last mouse cursor position) the mouse cursor will be teleported back to this very position. You can also teleport your mouse cursor manually via the special mouse teleporter button with X1/X2 mouse button (selectable in the settings).

Multi-Screen Mouse Teleporter

The Multi-Screen Mouse Teleporter "teleports" the mouse cursor to a second/third screen when looking at this screen. For example, if you have a second screen on the right and you move your gaze from your main screen to the screen on the right the mouse cursor will be automatically teleported to the last mouse position on the right screen. When you look back on your main screen the mouse cursor will be teleported back on the main screen to the previous mouse position. NUIA displays a short animation to accelerate picking up the workflow.


The NUIA Pensieve screenshots an area on your screen and displays the screenshot wherever you want to look up information. Gaze at an area, double click the right Alt button and a screenshot of this area is taken. Now look at the position where you want the screenshot to be placed and click the right Alt key once. The screenshot will be displayed at this position. By clicking the right Alt key again the screenshot disappears. You can display the screenshot as often as you want. To make a new screenshot double click the right Alt key again.


To open the NUIA Menu press and hold the right Alt key for longer than 0,5s. Standard buttons in the application layer are “Cancel” to deactivate the menu and “Close App” to close the current application. To trigger a button just look at it and a connected trigger button becomes visible towards the center. When you look at this trigger button the related button/command will be executed.


The NUIA IDE Booster supports the following applications and websites:

  • Microsoft Windows in general
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Adobe Reader
  • iTunes
  • VLC Player
  • Picasa
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Search (via Chrome)
  • Wikipedia (via Chrome)
  • Facebook (via Chrome)
  • YouTube (via Chrome)
  • Netflix (via Chrome)

Start the future of interaction now!

System Requirements

  • Platforms: Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • Applications: Qt Creator 4.1.0
  • Sensors/SDKs: Tobii EyeX / 4C Eye Tracker (Buy)

Additional Information

  • Supported Modalities: Gaze
  • Supported Languages: US English, British English
  • FAQ