VLC Media Player NUIA Extension

Explore your media library using your eyes, speech and gestures


The Media Player NUIA Extension supports the two popular media applications: Windows Media Player and VLC Media Player.

Control the flow of your media file whether it is your favorite song or your latest DVD. Use your hands or simply say one of the various voice control commands of NUIA and never reach for your mouse again while you enjoy the latest episode of your favored series.

Make your entertainment to a new experience with the Media Player NUIA Extension.

What's new



VLC Media Player (Standard Menu)
What is this?
  • Play / Pause: Plays or pauses the current media file.
  • Close Application: Closes the application.
  • Play Previous: Plays the previous media file.
  • Play Next: Plays the next media file.
  • Cancel: Cancels the NUIA Menu without any action.

Voice Commands

VLC Media Player
What is this?
  • Play, Start, Start Music, Start Song, Start Video, Start Playing, Start Playback, Continue: Starts playback of the current media file.
  • Stop, Stop Music, Stop Song, Stop Video, Stop Playing, Stop Playback: Stops playback of the current media file.
  • Pause: Pauses playback of the current media file.
  • Play Previous: Starts playback of the previous media file.
  • Play Next: Starts playback of the next media file.
  • Play Last, Play Last Song: Starts playback of the last played media file.

Known Limitations

VLC Media Player
What is this?
  • Interaction: You have to start playback with the mouse before NUIA control is possible.
  • Interaction: NUIA commands will not work when iTunes is running parallel.

System Requirements

  • You need to have an installed version of NUIA to use this extension
  • Platforms: Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • Applications: Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player
  • Sensors/SDKs: Intel RealSense 3D Camera (Buy), Tobii EyeX / 4C Eye Tracker (Buy)

Additional Information

  • Supported Modalities: Voice, Gestures, Gaze
  • Supported Languages: US English
  • FAQ