Facebook.com NUIA Extension

Discover Facebook in a more natural way


Interacting with your friends and social contacts has reached a new level. Whether it is liking your latest friends updates or post a funny joke you just heard.

The NUIA Facebook Extension enables you to do this using your hands and/or voice commands. Open various Facebook pages like your timeline, news feed or messages. Scroll through posts and like your favourite ones. And if you want it all in big, then just lean back and enjoy everything in a zoomed view.

Simply lean back and enjoy Facebook in a new way.

What's new

Version 2016-2-73 (2015-12-18)

Initial version



Facebook.com (Standard Menu)
What is this?
  • Open Content: Opens the content of the activated post.
  • Close Tab: Closes the current tab.
  • Like Post: Likes the currently activated post and scrolls to the next post.
  • Close Application: Closes the current application.
  • Cancel: Cancels the NUIA Menu without any action.
  • Update Status: Opens the NUIA Dictation Menu where you simply say your status update, which gets automatically posted with a short "Ok".
  • Previous Post: Scrolls to the previous post or when you have opened a post (pictures) it shows the previous picture.
  • Next Post: Scrolls to the next post or when you have opened a post (pictures) it shows the next picture.

Voice Commands

What is this?
  • Update News Feed: Updates your news feed.
  • Go To News Feed: Opens your news feed.
  • Go To Timeline: Opens your timeline.
  • Go To Friends: Opens your friends page.
  • Go To Inbox: Opens your messages inbox.
  • Go To Activity Log: Opens your activity log.
  • Go To Notifications: Opens your notifications page.

Lean Back Mode

What is this?
  • Lean Back Mode: If you lean back, the page will zoomed to 150%.
  • Engaged Mode: Leaning forward to engaged mode activates the original state of the application again.

Known Limitations

What is this?
  • Supported Browser: Currently works in Firefox and Chrome Browser.
  • Supported Facebook Pages: Currently only the news feed page is supported.
  • Interaction: Currently the control is done via keyboard shortcuts, which sometimes leads to wrong result (no post activated, keyboard presses in input field etc.).

System Requirements

  • You need to have an installed version of NUIA to use this extension
  • Platforms: Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • Applications: Firefox 42+, Chrome 46+
  • Sensors/SDKs: Intel RealSense 3D Camera (Buy), Tobii EyeX / 4C Eye Tracker (Buy)

Additional Information

  • Supported Modalities: Voice, Gestures, Gaze, Posture
  • Supported Languages: US English
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