NUIA Gesture Control Edition

Control your favorite apps and websites with voice and gestures


Take control of your computer and all your favorite apps, in a more relaxed way.

With the NUIA® Gesture Control Edition you can use your Intel® RealSense™ Technology (F200 and SR300) equipped computer anytime, whether you're on the move or kicking back to relax. Application content is automatically adjusted to your current position and speech, while gesture control offers an exciting and natural experience wherever you are.

NUIA already supports Facebook, YouTube, Chrome, Firefox, Outlook, PowerPoint, Picasa, Netflix, iTunes, VLC and we constantly add more.

Get NUIA and with one click you can tell us which app you would like to see enabled next.

What's new

Version 2016-2-85 (2016-10-26)

Several bug fixes

Version 2016-2-73 (2016-06-08)
  • Several bug fixes

  • Improvements on performance and stability


Explore totally new possibilities to control your computer with the NUIA Gesture Control Edition. NUIA and Intel® RealSense™ Technology make your computer smarter and more natural. NUIA currently supports Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome,,,, iTunes, Outlook, PowerPoint, Qt Creator, Video Lan Client (VLC Player), Google Picasa, Adobe Reader, Windows Explorer and Windows itself, with more and more applications to be added.

Enjoy the freedom and comfort NUIA Lean Back Mode will give you. When you lean back, font sizes, zoom factors and window layouts are automatically adjusted for you and the application you are using. Lean back and relax when you are reading through emails, watching your images and videos or browsing through Facebook posts. Of course you stay in control of your content with the NUIA Menu, gesture and speech input. NUIA becomes aware of you in the 3 dimensional space - so the moment you finished reading and you lean forward again, your Intel® RealSense™ Technology equipped device will notice and get ready for your input.

Open or switch between applications, start your playlist, activate the full screen mode, switch between your open tabs or use many more instructions with the NUIA Menu or the NUIA voice commands. Please have a look at the extensions pages for more detailed information.

NUIA also let you control Windows even without using a mouse. Close, minimize or maximize windows, shut down your computer, mute the system sound or start a Google, Windows or YouTube search simply with your voice. Just do it the natural way.

System Requirements

  • Platforms: Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • Applications: Google Chrome ., Video Lan Client (VLC) ., Google Picasa ., Adobe Reader ., Windows Explorer ., ., ., iTunes ., Outlook ., PowerPoint ., .
  • Sensors/SDKs: Intel RealSense 3D Camera (Buy)

Additional Information

  • Supported Modalities: Voice, Gestures, Posture
  • Supported Languages: US English, British English
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